Dodgeball vs. Twitter Compared on TechCrunch

I’ve been giving a try for a few days and comparing it to I have to say that Twitter is pretty sweet. TechCrunch explains some of the differences here, and throws in a plug for FaceBook later in the article:

SXSW Showdown: Dodgeball Vs. Twitter

With both services, users establish a friends list to whom messages are broadcast. Twitter allows you to update your status through IM, SMS or a web-based client. Dodgeball functions exclusively through SMS at this point. They each have a distinct use when it comes to coordinating with many people while away from home. Because they allow you to send one message that is then sent to all of the people on your list, you can easily inform a group of people of your whereabouts or whatever else you wish to say. You can also elect to receive updates from your friends through IM, SMS or through the website.

I’m break it down more later. Time for dinner.

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