Pharmacy Price Discrepencies

Does anyone know if the costs below are passed on to insurance companies for those of use with insurance. Sure, we may not see the difference first hand since we probably just have a co-pay, but damn, if our company’s insurance plans are paying 10X more than they need to be, I’m all for hopping on the Costco train and lobbying others to do the same.

Freakonomics Blog » If Crack Dealers Took Lessons From Walgreens, They Really Would Be Rich

Here are the prices he found at Houston stores for 90 tablets of generic Prozac:

Walgreens: $117

Eckerd: $115

CVS: $115

Sam’s Club: $15

Costco: $12

Those aren’t typos. Walgreens charges $117 for a bottle of the same pills for which Costco charges $12.

One thought on “Pharmacy Price Discrepencies”

  1. Yup, no surprise here, but before we shrug and say ‘insurance’ pays for it, guess what–you are ‘insurance’…the whole concept of insurance is that the mass of people pool money together in an insurance company whose purpose is to pay that money out to the people who suffer the injury and need help.

    So, you should seek out Sam’s Club or Costco if you want to force greedy/inefficient drug stores into setting better rates on their drugs. On the flipside, if Sam/Costco are selling these drugs at a loss to try to break up the drug stores, then that is what anti-trust type of legislation was built to combat.

    I have no idea what drugs cost, because I refuse to use them.

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