Jenni Ripley Quoted in Wall Street Journal over Controversy


Friends Swap Twitters, and Frustration –

“After joining Dodgeball, Minneapolis Web developer Jenni Ripley, 33, upgraded her text-messaging plan with her wireless carrier when she exceeded her previous monthly quota of 1,000 messages. She and her friends have gotten flak after sending alcohol-fueled strings of late-night messages to their network, or posting messages from places that aren’t identifiable meeting spots (such as her boyfriend’s car), which some members say is an inappropriate use of the service. “It’s caused a massive amount of drama,” she said.”

Find a little Dodgeball background here. Aaron has a great history of the Minneapolis Dodgeball scene here.

4 thoughts on “Jenni Ripley Quoted in Wall Street Journal over Controversy”

  1. I’ve been totally sucked into Twitter now, so I’ve kind of let Dodgeball fall by the wayside. This “issue” won’t die, though. Fascinating.

    Having signed up for Twitter while at SXSW strictly for the purpose of finding/keeping up with people, I’m positive that my previous assertion regarding Jenni and Friends (TM) using Dodgeball in a Twitter-like fashion was dead on. And we can continue to argue whether or not that’s appropriate. I’d rather not, though.

    Just sign up for Twitter, I say. And upgrade your text message plan.

  2. From the article:

    “I’m a little annoyed by some of these newbies,” said Tara Hunt, a 33-year-old marketer in San Francisco who complains that many users seem to be focusing on quantity over quality in their updates.


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