Killian’s Does Not Make an “Irish” Bar Irish

Max Sparber said what needed to be said about the marginal efforts some Irish bars take towards authenticity:

The Bottle Gang: Bar review: Dan Kelly’s

Truth be told, despite the generic four-leaf clover they use as their logo, there’s not much about Dan Kelly’s that’s Irish — it belong to a category of bar I’ve begun calling “Irishish,” in that the biggest concession these bars make toward their faux-Hiberian identity is to serve a few Irish-styled beers (it’s Killian’s Irish Red from Colorado at this one, which, thanks to tonight’s special, was only $3 per pint), and a few generalized bits of decoration from the Emerald Isle. In truth, Dan Kelly’s is about as Irish as a Swedish girl in a “Kiss Me I’m Irish” t-shirt on St. Patrick’s day, and, while I know that everybody gets to claim to be Irish on St. Pat’s, they just ain’t.

Max seems to base his criteria primarily on their selection of Irish whiskey’s followed by food and decor. Personally, I’d start with the food, followed by their ability to pour a Guinness.

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