Hippies Don’t Bus Tables

Alex, of the Twin Cities Breakfast Club says what needed to be said in the comments of the Trotter’s visit by said club:

The Twin Cities Breakfast Club Blog: Hippie food for breakfast?

Um. Yes. The bark and twigs. The lack of grease. The having to serve yourself and do your own clean-up. I do believe you have captured the essence of Trotters. Why go out to eat if you are just going to have granola, anyway? I have granola in my own cupboard, and I occassionally even have milk fresh enough to pour on top of it. And I have to bus my own table at home, too. I know the analogies section of the SAT is dead, but here’s one for you: Trotters is to going out to eat as going to work is to being on vacation. In fact, the only reason to go is to socialize with the other club members (and to gripe to them about the counter service), which is of course worth it in its own right.

Seriously, what is it with healthy breakfast spots and minimal service. Why does there appear to be a correlation between homemade granola and waiting in line? Between organic eggs and no table busing?

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  1. Interesting observation, though I think the correlation probably comes from the spots mostly being smaller operations and many don’t do dinner. Trotters started as a bakery, with a counter full of pastries, and slowly built up to serving breakfast and lunch food over time.

    Besides, there are plenty of spots that do counter service that aren’t hippy spots: Colossal Cafe, Swede Hollow, Bad Waitress, Wilde Roast, Chicago Deli, Acadia, Coffee News and Cafe Cravings to name a few.

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