300 Gang Tags in One Night?

Marco Fernández Landoni wrote a great article on the state of South Minneapolis graffiti for La Prensa de Minnesota, republished in the TC Daily Planet. He reports that East Lake Street had over 300 properties hit with gang tags in one night back in December, and explains that there is a new gang in the area creating a new round of turf battles:

Fighting graffiti in Minneapolis | Twin Cities Daily Planet

“Graffiti is nothing new to the area, but even though it’s nothing new, this time the amount was different. The next two weeks unfolded another piece of the reality South Minneapolis neighborhoods are living in. Three Latino gangs began marking their territory and crossing marks made by rival gangs. The first two, “Vatos Locos” and “Sur 13” have been active in the area for some time, but now there was a third player in town, “SSR” who came into the game and began marking the territory and crossing “Vatos Locos” and “Sur 13” marks. This is a clear sign that something bigger is about to happen and we could be facing a gang war that could spark any minute now.

“Vatos Locos” and “Sur 13” control the drugs and weapons dealing in the area, but now “SSR” –South Side Raza- wants a piece of the cake, which leaves millions of dollars a year in revenues.”

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