Top-10 “Baby Got Back” Covers

Baby Got Back: a song that can fill a wedding reception dance floor within seconds. With magical lyrics (ex: “You can do side bends or sit-ups, but please don’t lose that butt.”) came straight from the heart of Sir Mix-A-Lot and connected with a generations of people from around the world.

While it hasn’t been covered as often as Mustang Sally, it does get a fair share of covers.

Here is a list of the top-10 covers of this incredible song:

But first, the original from Sir Mix-A-Lot:

And now, the top-10 covers:

The Shotgun Opera:

Wize Crackaz:

Ross Gellar:



Gilbert and Sullivan Style:

Jonnie Bock:

Richard Cheese:


Jonathan Coulton:

Now it’s time to hear what you think. Vote for your favorite below:



6 thoughts on “Top-10 “Baby Got Back” Covers”

  1. You know, I am stunned. This is a serious part of current Americana and your readers don’t get it. This is 2007 version of Norman Rockwell and no one is buying? I think people are checking the polls to see what polls they should respond to…com’n, grow some backbone and vote your heart.


  2. It’s just an honor to be nominated. I gotta throw props to Mr. Jonathan Coulton, however. My version is a actually a cover of his cover of Sir Mixalot. Therefore, when you vote for me, you’re actually voting for him. He’s a genious. Please check out his music at

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