Costello’s Shooting Sounds Sketchy

There was a shooting yesterday (very late Wednesday night) at Costello’s on Selby near Western Ave. Flory lives right across the street from the place, and I used to live with Matt two blocks North of there on Marshall. This is NOT what I’d expect to hear about that area of St. Paul. This quote is particularly interesting from the story: – Man Injured In St. Paul Bar Shooting

“The victim was taken to regions hospital and investigators said he’s being uncooperative with police.”

Put that together with the gunman shooting the guy in the ass and legs, and it sounds like a gang related shooting to me. A non-random act of violence.

The victim clearly knows the shooter or knows who sent the shooter. Why else would someone who’s been shot not be willing to cooperate with investigators?

One thought on “Costello’s Shooting Sounds Sketchy”

  1. I blame Republican leadership, or lack thereof.

    I was just reading our “Villager” paper night before last and read through the crime listings. I was amazed at the actual number of violent crimes in the Highland area.

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