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One thought on “Don’t Leave Crap in the Car”

  1. Yeah, our Wed night running group tried the parking lot above the lock there ONE NIGHT a couple years ago. It was only one night, because my friend’s car was cleaned out, they even took his work clothes. And while we were waiting for MPD, a couple neighborhood people came by and said this was happening on a regular basis.

    So, we got the strategy list for how to reduce it and my friend had to cancel everything and get new stuff. He did get the last laugh since these crooks were stupid enough to get caught, but by then all the pain had been felt and who knows what kind of sentence the guys got.

    Since I have a hatchback (no trunk) and always have valuables in the car, I use a different strategy than the no valuables in the car approach–I load my car with tons of useless crap, wet gear, dirty kleenix piles, and scatter my few valuables about in underwear and dirty socks.

    I figure there are plenty of silly suburbanites who leave purses out or wallets under the driver’s seat, so the crooks look at my mess and move on for easier pickings. If they steal my stuff, I guess they earned it.

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