Swiftboat Supporter Praises Kerry in Person

Thanks to The Other Mike for sending over this gem. The following quote comes from a guy who donated $50,000 to the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth while they were attacking Senator John Kerry while he was running for president against George W. Bush. He actually said this to John Kerry with a straight face during a senate hearing:

Major Swift Boat Donor To Kerry: “You’re A Hero”

“Senator Kerry, I very much respect your dedicated service to this country,” said Fox. “I know that you were not drafted — you volunteered. You went to Vietnam. You were wounded. Highly decorated. Senator, you’re a hero. And there isn’t anybody or anything that’s going to take that away from you. But yet 527s tried to.”

So, why is this guy, Sam Fox, at a senate hearing? Because George W. Bush nominated him to be the US Ambassador to Belgium. You can’t make this stuff up.

Belgium shouldn’t have to put up with an ambassador like this.

2 thoughts on “Swiftboat Supporter Praises Kerry in Person”

  1. Yeah, then the rightie-tightie wingnut media was all upset that Kerry was not convinced of Sam’s awesome decision-making prowess…hmm, I wonder why–
    –Sam stated that he gave that $50000 to someone who did not say what it will be used for;
    –It turned out to be used to Swift-boat Kerry;
    –Who Sam now says he ‘respects’ and is a ‘hero’…
    …thus, Sam’s decision-making results in undermining someone Sam himself respects and considers to be a hero;
    …yup, that seems to meet my qualifications of someone with weak decision-making.

    But, silly me, I have scruples instead of money…and for money people, he was just ‘investing’ in his Belgium ambassadorship and not putting his money behind his beliefs (like us simple folk do).

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