Military Recruiters Missing from GOP Conference

Mike Stark is doing some great work covering the CPAC conference. Speakers include war mongers, Dick Cheney, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and Michelle Malkin, yet strangely, there are no military recruiters on hand to welcome attending college republicans with open arms after listening to the flag waving speeches:

Mike Stark: What Is Missing at CPAC? | The Huffington Post

Oh… but there’s one notable – striking, even – absence.

There are no military recruiters here. No United States Marine Corps. No Army, no Navy, no Air Force or National Guard – hell, not even the Coast Guard is here. Thousands and thousands of College Republicans, but not a single recruiter in sight…


Well, I have a theory or two (Michelle Malkin doesn’t agree with me, but more on that later).

Let’s try this: CPAC didn’t want to be embarrassed when pictures were released that showed recruiters standing around looking lonely. Similarly, recruiters know it’s a better investment of their time to troll “the other malls” rather than to recruit these nice white college boys.

Talking the talk, but not walking the walk. No surprise.

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