Hula Hooping Fitness Strikes Chicago

Frick-n-A. I think Chicago’s ahead of Minneapolis when it comes to fitness fads:

BEEP (( Get Busy ))

“In hula hoop fitness classes, the hoop itself isn’t the same piece of equipment you remember as a kid. The fitness hoops are heavier and larger, which makes them easier to control and also gives the individual a more strenuous workout. The hoops can range in price from $30 to $45.

Some of the moves Crosby teaches include the “booty bump,” which focuses on the abs and rear; the “eagle,” where you use hoop on your chest, going from one arm to the next; the “spunk,” which concentrates on the top of the knees to the hips; and the “slinky” where you dip your arms in and out of the open area while hooping.

I’m all for any exercise that helps people get into better shape. Even running.

It’s not clear from the article whether Jeff Schwister did any hula hooping for his story.

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