Bon Appétit Covers the Town Talk Diner

Nice summary of the goodness that is the Town Talk:

The Restaurant Reporter: Artisanal Pizza, plus San Francisco, Portland, and Minneapolis at Bon Appétit Features at

They’ve kept the flashing-lightbulb marquee, the long counter with stools, and the breakfast-food favorites, and added a number of very non-diner-like touches, including a line-caught halibut, a charcuterie and cheese plate, and a fantastic ultra-budget wine list.

Unlike Epicurious, URLs are actually hyperlinked to the sites mentioned.

3 thoughts on “Bon Appétit Covers the Town Talk Diner”

  1. I was impressed w/the Town Talk Diner on our first visit but after subsequent visits found an identical menu my impression has deteriorated.

  2. I’ve found that I usually go with the daily special. They’ve been great every time, and I suppose it’s helped me avoid menu burn-out.

  3. Well, after visiting The Green Room in Waconia and hearing that their menu has changed 5x in a year, I’m more determined than ever to visit restaurants that change things up a little more than just their daily specials.

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