Is Nokomis Home to the Minnesota Militia?

This seems like something I’d expect to hear about Hugo or Hastings well before Nokomis:

Bloomington explosives case expands with munitions find

Military-grade ammunition was found Tuesday at a south Minneapolis building linked to a man jailed the day before on suspicion of having military explosives at his home, Minneapolis police said.

A federal investigation that remains closely guarded by authorities became public Monday during a search of the man’s Bloomington house. The investigation continued Tuesday at a commercial retail building at 5200 47th Av. S., which is owned by the man’s wife, said Minneapolis Police Deputy Chief Rob Allen. The findings in Minneapolis are not as worrisome as those in Bloomington, he said.

Having military grade munitions along the Hiawatha corridor is probably looked down upon by the ATF. That’s a popular road for shuttling presidents from the airport to downtown.

4 thoughts on “Is Nokomis Home to the Minnesota Militia?”

  1. Man, see what happens when I move to St. Paul from that neighborhood? Don’t make me move back there… please. That’s very close to where I still park my yuppiemobile to catch the LRT.

  2. “Having military grade munitions along the Hiawatha corridor is probably looked down upon by the ATF.”

    Are you serious??? Do you even know the difference between “Military Grade” and “Civilian Grade” ammunition is? Doubt it, as this seems like the typical scare piece.

    Its very clear that you have no idea what the Militia really is, or anything about ammunition. The BATF(ags) will make any amount of ammo over 2 rounds look like a terrorist ammo compound. Who cares what the BATF thinks, as they are more often the real criminals.

    Please do more research before you publish your “Be Very Scared” stories.

  3. Mikrat, as you can probably see above, I quoted the StarTribune who used that term. Unfortunately, the story is no longer available on their site (this is from over a year ago). Do you think the StarTribune came up with that term or got it from the people who conducted the seize?

  4. Ok, Sorry, missed the Link. I get bit pissed at the constant media mass dis-info.

    I would guess that the paper came up with that slogan, as main stream media seems to gravitate towards selling fear, rather then really telling the truth. I would think the feds helped though.

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