Makes Beer Easier to Find

Isn’t technology great? plots the locations of beer pubs, liquor stores, bars, breweries, and homebrew stores on a Google Map, making it easy to find beer.

Minneapolis Beer Map

This sort of thing could come in handy for people planning things like, “The Best Day Ever.”

4 thoughts on “ Makes Beer Easier to Find”

  1. Two disappointments with this: 1) Vine Park isn’t on here; 2) Dalbey’s house isn’t on here.

  2. I remember planning the 1st Annual “Best Day Ever” that Yahoo Beta Maps were superior for planning a brewpub tour than Google Maps. The feature in Yahoo that allows intermediate stops is better than Google’s function.

    However, for the 2nd Annual “Best Day Ever”, I suggest a Dodgeball Extravaganza which pulls from all dodgeball possies, including the Kohler, Landry and “those other people that check in from work and the toilet” people. That’ll be a good day. Perhaps the 2nd best ever.

  3. Geez Deets, if I had known you needed help to find a beer, I could’ve helped out a guy down on his luck. 😉

  4. Kyle, Yahoo is still ahead of Google on multi-point mapping.

    Fritts, needs to add a few markers. Great analysis.

    Mike, I found a beer at the Orpheum tonight. Heineken king can.

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