Most Catastrophic 46th Ave S Incident

I believe this takes the cake for most catastrophic event in the history of 46th Ave S in Minneapolis:

Retro: 50 years ago, a quiet Minneapolis block became an inferno

“On Saturday morning, June 9, 1956, about 20 children were in the small frame houses or playing in yards on the 5800 block of 46th Avenue S., a typical postwar building-boom neighborhood of young families on the north edge of Wold-Chamberlain Field.”

At 9:30 a.m. a stricken fighter jet wiped out the middle of the block, killing the pilot, a couple with two of their three small children, and a 7-year-old girl watching TV next door. The Navy Panther jet had developed engine trouble after taking off on a training flight from the naval air station and the pilot, Maj. George Armstrong, 33, of Edina, was trying to make it back to the field, now Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, for an emergency landing.

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