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46th & 46th Condos Update

From today’s LCC Insider:

46th & 46th Development Update
Longfellow Community Council hosted a meeting on February 22 to get an update from the developer of the 46th and 46th condo project. The project has been delayed by the slowdown in condo sales but the developer expects to re-start construction in June.

A major issue associated with the project has been the blocked sidewalks. The developer chose to pay for blocking the sidewalk during construction, but this created an unacceptable situation for residents who needed access to the sidewalk to safely use the 46th and 46th intersection. The developer made some changes that create safe walking areas for pedestrians along both 46th Street and 46th Avenue. There are some tweaks still needed, but over-all the area is much safer and accessible for pedestrians. (information reprinted from Ward 12 Update)

Aren’t there rules in place regarding a minimum percentage of sold units before development can start in order to prevent situations like this?

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3 thoughts on “46th & 46th Condos Update”

  1. Those things are starting to look withered, like it just want amount to the grandeur first envisioned. I hope it makes the property values right around it increase, but it will only harm traffic at that intersection (and its already screwy).
    Maybe $240K If it were on the park, but they are a block and $50k removed.

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