Settlement in Longfellow / Metro Produce Case

The lawsuit between the city of Minneapolis and Longfellow based Metro Produce has come to a close with the city coughing up $2.3 million:

Neighbors in the Longfellow neighborhood had complained about the trucks idling all night at Metro Produce Distributors Inc. But the City Council’s attempt to outlaw the practice went too far and illegally hurt its business, Metro Produce claimed in a lawsuit.

Here’s my take from the 13th:

It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. It sounds like the business was operating in the area before the law was changed. How does that play into the court’s decision?

It sounds like that was the key issue in the settlement.

Here’s what will happen next: Metro Produce will eventually decide to move. It may be a few years or decades. When they do, the city will take that as an opportunity to rezone the land for residential use, condos will go in, and the residents near Metro Produce will complain about the increase in their property taxes caused by the end of the industrial noise.

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