Twin Cities Coffee Review Site: Cafeapolis

Via, MNSpeak, Cafeapolis is a new blog written by a new Longfellow resident (via Madison) reviewing coffee shops in the Twin Cities.  The first review was of the Blue Moon Coffee Cafe:

“This coffee shop is truly a neighborhood living room. It is not the type of place that someone would drive across town to visit; it is filled with neighbors and regulars just wanting a relaxing place to talk or study or just enjoy a warm cup. Benches sit outside along the front window and, when the weather is warm, tables and chairs also occupy the sidewalk area on the east side of the building.”

Strangely, The Other Mike doesn’t appear in any of the photos from that review.

4 thoughts on “Twin Cities Coffee Review Site: Cafeapolis”

  1. Reporting from Blue Moon right now in fact. The place is packed, 20+ people, even Pinkie. I like the vibe, and I do drive across town to reach this place since it is a place that is small enough to feel cozy, but still large enough where I don’t feel bad hanging out for four hours straight surfing or writing. Plus they are open until 10pm weeknights and 11pm weekends, because some nights, it is really awkward to pack up at 6pm or 9pm as some other shops tend to close.

    Last summer, it was nice to ride my bike there, which was a great little 40 minute ride twice a day. And even without the bike, when I am done sitting on my butt for 4-5 hours, I would often finish the day with a nice walk to the Mississippi and back to get some exercise and fresh air. I don’t think it is coincidence that I have written some of my poetry there.

    Snow is finally getting serious outside and I’m running on battery, so I’ll probably head home in an hour or so…but it is a nice break in my Saturday, alone geeking out, but surrounded by people, so I can feel social by watching them interact. Later dude.

  2. I almost made it over there over the weekend. Our internet access went down during the snowstorm, so I was forced to read the paper (on paper) catch up on some videos in Democracy Player, and some iTunes podcasts. Roughin’ it.

  3. Paper! How 20th century of you man! But at least you had videos and podcasts to ease the withdrawl.

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