Extend Your Car Key Reception with your Skull

I couldn’t think of a better title than the one above. Here’s what it’s attempting to describe:

Boost RF range with your head (Skrentablog)

You can use your head as an antenna to boost the range for little RF devices like car key fobs, garage door openers, etc. It sounds crazy and I didn’t believe it until I tried it myself. Stick the device under your chin and hit the key… I can double the range on my car RF key this way. It really helps to find your car in a garage when you’ve forgotten where you parked. Or to hit the garage door signal when you’re slightly out of range.

Ya see, I didn’t think “RF Range” would make much sense, so I tried something different. Was it any better?

One thought on “Extend Your Car Key Reception with your Skull”

  1. This reminds me of when I would be spending time over at my grandparents house “back in the day”. We would watch cartoons on an old huge-gantic piece of oak furniture that just happened to have a television screen on the front of it. It had the biggest set of rabbit ears you’d ever seen and either myself or my sister would have to act as the ‘Amazing Human Antenna’ by grasping the left “ear” with a sweaty little hand and bend at the knees a little to optimize our viewing experience of such classics as Voltron and Justice League (back when AquaMan wasn’t some bearded king, he had kickass green tights and had the lamest power since it only worked in the water). Needless to say we took turns at this feat of technological chicanery and it didn’t end until that television finally died.

    I’ll give the RF “extender” a try in the coming days in the name of Science!


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