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Herkimer Doesn’t Serve Milk

Who knew that the Herkimer, the brewpub near Lyndale & Lake, doesn’t serve milk:

Why We Don’t Usually Eat at Bars: A Conversation at the Herkimer

Judy (many times throughout the meal and again whenever we mention the Herkimer throughout the week): No milk. I just can’t believe that a restaurant doesn’t have milk.

Um, I guess Judy didn’t.

Ordering milk at a brewpub is like ordering a fish sandwich at iHop.

2 thoughts on “Herkimer Doesn’t Serve Milk”

  1. You know I was in Sex World just this morning and was shocked to learn they don’t sell Green Eggs and Ham.

    No Green Eggs and Ham. I just can’t believe that a store with a book section doesn’t sell Green Eggs and Ham.

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