John Edwards Screwed Up

John Edwards hired a couple very smart bloggers to help with his campaign. Smart move.

A right-wing nutjob had a problem with some things they had written. So what?

Edwards fires (aka. they stepped down) the two bloggers. Huh?

Listening to people to the right of George W. Bush is not the secret to winning elections in 2008. Edwards screwed up by not standing up for talented members of his staff under criticism from a documented bigot.

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  1. You are right. And, with his candidacy injured as a result and he is in need of a serious issue to stand forward on, right? I mean, anti-Iraq is a crowded field now, fixing health care is not clear-cut, and the rest of the issues have ‘meh’ appeal with the voters…so how about he steps up to confront the underlying evil that forms the basis of what crippled him–and take on the tax-free basis of these pretend religious organizations like the Catholic League.

    Amanda takes this issue on, so he can still use her, as providing an issue with real-life implications. Check out her summary and one of her meaty links–

    –This tops the chart of summary of the real problem here “The fact of the matter is that the Catholic League isn’t really a pro-Catholic organization so much as an organization dedicated to the task of demonizing liberals, feminists, and Democrats as anti-Catholic, which just so happens to be to the benefit of the Republican party.”
    And Matt
    –Also, the organization is not taxed, because by definition on the application pledges not to engage in “any attempt to influence public opinion on a legislative matter or referendum”. However, basically that is all they do–for “Donohue and his Catholic League, that was not an accurate answer. He repeatedly spoke out on TV, in the press, and to his email lists on a wide range of political topics at the state and federal level. He wrote to politicians and argued for particular courses of action with regards to judicial nominees and even lobbied for a constitutional amendment at a gathering that included at least one congressman.”

    Comn John, let’s go and sink the Swift Boats!

  2. After reading some of the threats Amanda received from right-wing wackos, I realized there may be more to this story. The motivation isn’t particularly clear.

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