U of Iowa to Go Smoke Free?

The Times-Republican is reporting that the U of Iowa may be the first Big-10 school to go smoke free:

Taking a cigarette break at the University of Iowa could mean hopping in a car and driving off the 1,900-acre campus under a plan headed for the school’s president.

The proposed smoking ban could make Iowa the first major, public university to go entirely smoke free.

A couple non-smoking alumns looked like this upon hearing the news:

Iowa Fans

This gives the Hawkeyes a talon up over the Cyclones in my book.

7 thoughts on “U of Iowa to Go Smoke Free?”

  1. Dude, watch your comments on the ‘Clones!!!

    (You’ll be cut off from ever Wii-ing again and your Mii will be destroyed!)

  2. Not surprising that this progressive campus is setting the trends. Home of the famed Iowa Writers Workshop, top ten accounting program, legendary ultimate frisbee team (“ihuc”, aka “team i”, aka “old washed up has-been iowa grads”), and Ethanol, this campus is constantly at the forefront of policy setting and this announcement should come as no surprise.

    Look for other universities to follow. Just not ISU.

  3. I’m open to Hawkeyes or ‘Clones tours. Let’s set up some dates and get to the bottom of who really has a better campus from a 32 year old’s perspective.

  4. Watch out at ISU. Last time I was there I ended up getting hit with tear gas while coming out of a bar…

  5. For future stories that include the Cannon’s, please have the common courtesy to place Katie in the center of the picture, and perhaps Kyle could be off … way off, to the side.

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