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20.21 Treats the Rich Poorly

Epicurious.com is reporting (via CityPages) that a diner at the 20.21 restaurant in the Walker was charged a $1.50 surcharge for his single malt sans-ice:

My friend John just wrote me an irate note from Minneapolis. He’d met a friend at the Walker Art Center and after the performance ordered a single malt scotch at the restaurant 20-21. When the bill came, it listed $18 for the shot of booze and $1.50 as a “neat charge.” He was outraged. “They’re asking me to pay a fee for not having to put ice in single malt?” he raged.

Paying a surcharge on an $18 drink goes to show that the terrorists are winning.

I discussed this one with a few expert drinking friends who came to the conclusion that 20.21 probably served the “neat” drink in a low-ball, thus felt the need to charge extra for the extra liquor needed to fill the glass. If that’s the case, they should have been serving the scotch in a snifter, which would have prevented “John” from becoming “irate” over paying $19.50 rather than $18 for his drink.

Who wants to join me at 20.21 to find out how many olives it takes to generate a garnish surcharge on a martini?

5 thoughts on “20.21 Treats the Rich Poorly”

  1. I am so there! But only because it’s a drinking challenge. Overall Leslie & I had a somewhat disappointing experience at 20.21. We had a reservation for dinner and got to it on time. We were given 1 hour to eat. The host was rude and told us that we would have to vacate the table after the said hour as they have another party coming. I’ve never been rushed like that before, especially since it usually takes that long for food to come out.

    Food and service were good, but the prices outrageous. Then again, nothing comes close to Red Stone. Great food, awesome service, and everyone knows you by name. Wait, maybe that’s just me.

  2. Alex, it’s amazing how much you’ll pimp a place because they remember your name.

    Great feedback on the 20.21 scene. I’d be pissed if I was given a time limit on dining. That’s walk-out material. If you find yourself in a similar situation at 20.21 in the future, I suggest crossing over Loring Park to Joe’s Garage for some tasty mashed potatoes. You won’t be rushed and they won’t throw unexpected surcharges at you.

  3. If your complaining over pocket change had merit, then I’d merit it with a more detailed comment. Yet, all I can say is “you’re stupid.” Hope that is thought provoking to you. See you at the Legion.

  4. @A.J., if this post gave you the impression that I seriously cared about what 20.21 charged for drinks in 2007, my apologies. That would, indeed, be stupid.

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