I Park Like An Idiot Bumper Stickers

It’s very tempting to pick up a 100-pack of these.

I love the contradiction on the site: Don’t put these on other people’s vehicles. Available in 20, 40, or 100 packs.

2 thoughts on “I Park Like An Idiot Bumper Stickers”

  1. I love this. My favorite thing is for people to buy nice cars (or often, trucks) and then park them in two spaces so their vehicle doesn’t get dinged or scratched. Oh, no shit…you don’t want your car to get dinged? Me neither, but take one spot like the rest of us, or deal with the risk that this bumper sticker finds its way onto your precious auto.

    Question – have you ever seen a Prius taking up two spots? I’d like photographic proof if you have.

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