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Safest Neighborhoods in Minneapolis

Brian at and David Brauer on the Minneapolis Issues Forum have crunched the crime numbers to create community safety ranking for Minneapolis:

East-lake’s original rankings, without population, (from safest to least safe), were:

1. Nokomis
2. Calhoun-Isles
3. Southwest
4. Longfellow
5. Phillips
6. University
7. Northeast
8. Camden
9. Central
10. Powderhorn
11. Near North

With resident population factored in – producing “rate per resident” – the results (again, from safest to least safe) change somewhat:

1. Nokomis
1. Southwest (tie)
3. Calhoun-Isles
4. Longfellow
5. University
6. Northeast
7. Powderhorn
8. Camden
9. Central
10. Phillips
11. Near North

I figure Nokomis beats Longfellow because criminals are driven out of Nokomis by the plane noise.

4 thoughts on “Safest Neighborhoods in Minneapolis”

  1. So, ‘community’ is not neighborhood, eh…so is Seward part of Lofo or is it considered University? Maybe that is why Nokomis edged Lofo?

  2. Fritts, the sun comes up so much earlier in St. Paul. Could you really give that up?

    Mike, the city breaks things up by communities and each community has around four neighborhoods within it.

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