Alex Likes Fast Things

Alex, I think you need to trade in your SUV for one of the vehicles (car, plane or boat) on this page:

We Go Fast

Some devices of modern travel is border on science fiction. Whether you’re traveling by land, by air or by sea, there are vehicles capable seemingly impossible speeds. I’m not talking about government vehicles either. We all know of jets and rockets that can fly an inconceivable speeds. I managed to find three vehicles that money can buy (lots and lots of money).

2 thoughts on “Alex Likes Fast Things”

  1. OK. Usually I disagree with Ed, well… pretty much on every topic. However, this time he struck gold; all 3 toys on the linked article are SUPER cool. Surprisingly, I think the boat is my favorite. Plus he gets 2 points for linking to an article with Top Gear clip (Jeremy Clarkson is God). I think the only question remaining is which one to get first. Since the financing is pretty much figured out. E.g.:
    • Buggatti ~ $1.6 Mil
    • My Jeep Grand Cherokee 2002 ~ $10,000
    So, $1,600,000 – $10,000 = $1,590,000. Financed over 6 years, at 7% is only $27,107.92 a month. Not sure if I’ll be able to eat out as much, but I am willing to make the sacrifice.

  2. Alex, this is going to hurt your already meager Dodgeball performance. But I’ll forgive you if you shuttle me over to Redstone in the Buggatti. (Is that available as a hybrid?)

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