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Vagina, Vagina, Vagine Monologues Coming to Catholic Colleges

This sounds like script for a Saturday Night Live skit:

Scandal at 23 Catholic Colleges

“Scandalizing students nationwide, 23 Catholic colleges and universities intend to allow performances of the lewd “V***** Monologues” play, a piece replete with sexual encounters, lust, and graphic descriptions of lesbian behavior. (Asterisks added for modesty)

After being forced to see the play as part of a class, Christopher, a student from Massachusetts wrote: “…it was a horrible exhibit of vice, lust, and infidelity. Everything about the play – the content, the performers, the atmosphere – was decidedly opposed to just about everything the Church teaches. The painful memories of lust and blasphemy still echo in the outer fringes of my mind.”

Nevertheless, prominent Catholic universities are listed to host the play during the next few weeks, including the University of Notre Dame, Georgetown University, Fordham University, DePaul University and others.”

Christopher, buddy, gather yourself. And whatever you do, stay off the Internet.

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