Great Mapping News for NYC Public Transit Types

Google Maps Mania has reported on GypsyMaps, a new Google Maps powered site that helps people figure out how to navigate the NYC subway system.

What a cool idea.

I typed in a search for “JFK to Times Square” and it worked great. Better than anything I’ve seen for figuring out how to get from the airport to the heart of Manhattan, including where to walk, transfers, etc.

Here’s what I’d like to see: a site where I can put in all of the transportation options I’d consider taking to get somewhere, including walking, biking, skateboarding, bus, or driving to name a few. Then the site could offer directions with commute times for each format. If I saw it was really only a few minutes longer to take the bus or bike vs driving, I’d probably be more likely to motivate and leave the car at home.

One thought on “Great Mapping News for NYC Public Transit Types”

  1. Check this out

    Click on more options under the ‘Search’ button.

    It is pretty much everything you are asking for except the skateboarding option. Plus it is only for London.

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