Moon Landing Debunker Debunked

Don’tcha just love these PhD NASA guys who still keep up the charade that we’ve gone to the moon? Philip Plait is one of those guys.

Okay, I broke down laughing writing that. Plait, of course, is the real deal when it comes to astronomy, and he was given a chance to laugh off the ridiculous claims of a “we never went to the moon” conspiracy theorist on Penn & Teller’s show:

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I think I want to start drinking water from a vodka bottle.

One thought on “Moon Landing Debunker Debunked”

  1. Hey, if they can deny the holocaust, why believe in the moon landing?
    Or that Sirhan Sirhan and Oswald were just single assasins without a CIA/Mob tie.
    And that Wellstone crash just as the neocons were coming to power…hmmmm.

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