$750 for Sex in Tarot Card Reader’s Office = Bad Judgement

A 16 year old girl’s father didn’t want her dating her 19 year old boyfriend. That’s not unusual. But how many young couples in that situation end up going to a Tarot-card reader to deal with the parental issues:

Tarot-card reader accused of spying on teens’ sex

“The young couple saw an ad for Garro’s business, Maestros Espirituales, or “spiritual teachers,” in a local paper. They were having trouble with the girl’s father, who didn’t want them to see each other.

So they went for spiritual counseling Jan. 2 to the office at 2500 Nicollet Ave. S., where Garro initially charged them $60 to read their palms and do tarot-card readings.

He told them that there were demons surrounding the girl’s father and that the demons were causing “bad energy” between the teens and the girl’s parents.

For another $750, he said, he would see them twice a week and help the young lovers gain acceptance from her parents. They agreed.

In the second meeting, Garro told the teens to strip to their underwear and wipe their bodies with napkins soaked in “holy water” he had poured into a wine glass. He then wrapped the napkins in aluminum foil so that he could “examine the energy levels,” the complaint said.”

I’m not sure which is worse: paying a tarot card reader $750 or having sex in the office of a tarot-card reader as part of your “spiritual teaching” but both wreak of poor judgment.

Maybe dad’s right about this couple?

One thought on “$750 for Sex in Tarot Card Reader’s Office = Bad Judgement”

  1. Oh, that’s just awful. It’s dreadful when people abuse trust and innocence in this way. Tarot readings sure shouldn’t be like this, that’s for certain!

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