My Bible Knowledge

Oh crap, does this mean I’m going to hell?

You know the Bible 61%!


Congratulations! You know a lot about the Bible – the books, the characters, the events. You are able to remember a lot of what you have heard and read!

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Why do I feel like I outscored many bible beaters?

I was 30 points behind the Atheist, PZ Meyers, although he admits to benefiting from his misspent youth.

3 thoughts on “My Bible Knowledge”

  1. Scheez, and I was totally bored by question 12 and almost quit. But, I too felt the whole time like I was guessing, except for maybe 5 questions, the rest were like…hmm, not San Francisco…hmm, Bethany? I’m pretty sure I got that last question wrong too…I said I never read the Bible, but the other three answers didn’t fit any better, so I stayed with ‘no’–

    You know the Bible 77%!  Wow! You are truly a student of the Bible! Some of the questions were difficult, but they didn’t slow you down! You know the books, the characters, the events . . . Very impressive!

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