Gluten Free Beer

Author of The Long Tail, Chris Anderson, has an interesting look at how Anheuser Busch has moved well beyond Bud as people’s interests have changed. Especially as consumers have taken an interest in specialty drinks and micro brews. And now this:

The Long Tail: Anheuser-Busch and the Long Tail of beer

But the thing that really blew me away was its latest beer. In its quest to find ever more finely-grained brew niches, it has now moved beyond the organic, beyond the artisinal, beyond even the local. It has now discovered the non-allergenic beer market.

Here, for your sipping pleasure, is a gluten-free beer. Say hello to Redbridge, which is made from sorghum, not wheat or barley.

I suppose nothing washes down a hot dog in a gluten free bun better than a gluten free beer.