Bush’s Signing Statements To Be Investigated

In 148 cases, Bush has said privately that he doesn’t need to follow the laws set forth by Congress. Maybe it’s time someone shed some light on each and every one of those cases.

Crooks and Liars » Congress To Investigate Bush’s Signing Statements

Committee members clashed over the validity of the investigation, which began with a committee hearing on Wednesday. Democrats said Bush is overstepping his executive role and meddling with the legislative process. Republicans maintained the president’s assertions are merely guiding interpretations and follow long-term precedent.

The investigation will cover Bush’s commentary on bills approved by both congressional chambers that require presidential approval. In at least 148 cases, Bush has appended what are known as “signing statements” to his signature. The documents outline specific aspects of the law that he finds unconstitutional and might refuse to enforce.

Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr., D-Mich., said Bush’s widespread use of the signings challenge at least 800 provisions in laws passed while he has been in office.

I’d like to see a nightly news show do a “Daily Signing Statement” feature where they explain what Bush has said he doesn’t need to do. I don’t see why Bush would have a problem with this, since he’s the decider, right?

One thought on “Bush’s Signing Statements To Be Investigated”

  1. You know, of allllllll the Bush Admin evils that have been quietly tolerated, THIS one seems to me to be the most obvious and least addressed.

    How can anyone, anywhere, using any reasoning, except the use of signing statements as having any amendment power or EVEN influence on law?

    Can you imagine you were able to do this on a contract for services? All the term are laid out, agreed to, and all the signatures are done except yours…and so before you sign your name you write in a statement that changes the agreement.

    Is there any doubt, on any level, that such statement would not be immediately tossed out by every judge everywhere?

    And, don’t bother pulling out the fine print differences in legalese that might try to justify the idea and just think about it on the general level–congressional work is done, a law is created, the job at hand is veto or sign…not amend and think that completely new and totally un-agreed to amendment matters any more than this statement right here…just one person’s opinion while passing time before doing some real work.

    I’m glad some attention is being given to this abuse; I’m saddened by the additional abuse this Bush Admin layered onto all its other constitutional abuses; and I’m embarrassed to live in a country which ever tolerated this abuse.

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