Want a Treo 750?

palm Treo 750 Smartphone (Cingular)The Treo 750 I won arrived today, but I’ve decided to stick with my Treo 700p since I’m a Sprint user and haven’t been able to justify the jump to Cingular for a phone that’s VERY similar to what I already have.

So, it’s Ebay time, but I thought I’d offer it up to all of y’all first.

Keep in mind that this phone only works on Cingular, so if you don’t have a Cingular contract or aren’t willing to switch, this isn’t not for you.

Auctions on Ebay are currently closing in the $500 range plus shipping. I’ll take $350 from a reader of The Deets if you contact me by February 4th. If there are no takers by then, Ebay it is.

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