It’s All About Calories?

The most emailed story of the day today on Yahoo reports on a study claiming that you’ll lose the same amount of weight by cutting 200 calories a day out of your diet as you will by burning an extra 200 calories per day:

Diet, exercise take off equal pounds, study finds – Yahoo! News

“It’s all about the calories,” said Dr. Eric Ravussin of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, part of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

“So long as the energy deficit is the same, body weight, fat weight, and abdominal fat will all decrease in the same way.”

The fact that this is news explains why fad diet books sell so well in America. People still haven’t grasped this obvious concept are susceptible to all kinds of not-necessarily-science-based theories.

One thought on “It’s All About Calories?”

  1. I saw this Yahoo headline and I was embarrassed for the whole world to read this and slap their collective heads and say ‘americans need a study to realize this?…and they still have an uncertain conclusion coming out of it? I think I see now why they are all obese!’

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