Wii Nunchuck Controller Looks Bad Ass

Wii Nunchuck ControllerIt has come to my attention that Jeff is now adjusting to the bachelor lifestyle by purchasing accessories for his Wii. The latest round of spousal replacement accessories come in the form of Nunchuck controllers.

What Wii accessory should Jeff buy next as a to compensate for Sarah’s business traveling?

2 thoughts on “Wii Nunchuck Controller Looks Bad Ass”

  1. Actually Sarah is back as of Saturday. Now that we have two nunchuck controllers we are able to go head to head in Rayman Raving Rabbids (who knew shooting rabbits with plungers would be so much fun). These nunchucks are really hard find by the way. Just like the Wii, the accessories for the Wii are sold out basically everywhere.
    I am interested in what Sarah will have to say regarding the nunchuck being a spousal replacement.

  2. Jeff, this rabbit shooting thing you describe sounds disturbing but intriguing.

    Coincidentally, the spouse-replacing nunchucks look similar to a device occasionally referred to as a husband replacement.

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