Broomball Injury & Hospital Luge

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My wristband from the ER on Saturday after a rough spill in our broomball game Friday night. X-rays came back negative and I got some Vicodin out of the deal.

I also got a chance to ride in a hospital bed. I believe it’s the first time I’ve done that since I had a knee operation in Jr. High. When the patient transportation guy arrived at my curtained off hospital area, I got up to walk to the x-ray area with him but he said I couldn’t walk. That seemed strange to say to someone who just stood up, but he was the one wearing the scrubs so I figured he knew what he was talking about. He gave me two options: wheelchair or bed. I don’t know about you, but the choice of bed transportation was obvious to me.

I got to see a lot of ceiling tiles along the way and bounced a couple times when we went over bumps between wings of the hospital. I think a few people tried to look up my gown as I approached them, but I couldn’t be sure from my angle. What I do know is that I felt a draft.

Riding like that gives me a whole new respect for lugers*.**

To the folks in neighboring beds who I never met but feel like I know after hearing them tell their stories to nurses: good luck in detox.

And thanks to Carly for not pulling the plug. Not that there was a plug.

* Is “Lugers” the correct term to use to describe, “People who Luge?”
** I tried to figure this out on the USA Luge site, failed, but did notice that the United States has one seriously good looking women’s luge team. Who knew?

7 thoughts on “Broomball Injury & Hospital Luge”

  1. Sorry you got hurt. Which ER were you at? I have been to the ER for broomball before. Yall need to heed my warnings about the evils of ice sports.

  2. Cedar-Riverside. It didn’t seem very busy, but it certainly wasn’t fast. I should have slipped the triage nurse a $20.

  3. Spending 2 hours in the Cedar-Riverside ER was an interesting experience. It was hilarious watching Ed being wheeled in the bed through the hospital while wearing his hospital gown. I could tell even the transport guy was trying not to laugh. The nurse asked if he wanted a blanket to cover his legs in the bed before we left the room (presumably for modesty), but he declined. At least he had his boxers on under his gown. Then, when we returned to the room, the nurse gave him a remote call-button (maybe in case he wanted another ride down the hall in his bed).

  4. Here’s something for you. I too went to the ER at Fairview Riverside for my broomball injury. They used dermabond to glue my head wound shut. At the time, it was new technology. And I was all like “Shit yall, my brother-in-law’s brother has a shop Bulverde, Texas. He’s been supergluing his superficial wounds shut for years.”

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