The itouchless Trash Can Rocks

Touchless Trashcan (IT650)
After seeing the itouchless trash can in action at the CES show, I couldn’t resist picking one up. It arrived from Amazon with a big smile on the side of the box today. It takes for D batteries, so I had to make a trip to Target to get the thing running. They were sold out of rechargeables, but I have a set on the way from Amazon for whenever the first set happens to wear out.

The thing actually is pretty darn useful. For example, I’m going through a tea drinking phase right now, so I often find myself carrying the hopper full of damp tea leaves across the kitchen in order to shake out the used leaves. With the lid automatically opening, I don’t need to sacrifice my drip prevention hand to lift the lid.

Cuisinart DGB500BK Grind and Brew - PARENTI’m way more impressed by this than my last foray into kitchen over-automation: the Cuisinart Grind and Brew. That thing was more trouble that it was worth once you take the time involved in cleaning out all the parts after each pot.

Supposedly, our old trash can had a foot operated lid, but that’s a crock.

More than you ever needed to know about kitchen trash cans.

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  1. I wouldn’t consider it dog-proof. The lid would probably hit a dog in the nose if they sniffed too close. How about something like this for your kitchen?

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