I Won A Treo!

palm Treo 750 Smartphone (Cingular)Hey Peeps, I don’t ask much of you, being that you’re mostly reading this stuff when you should be working, studying, or playing video games. But when I did ask something of you, you really stepped up. Here’s the evidence from Palm’s microblog:
CES 2007 Micro Blog: Final Contest and Random Drawing Winners

And the winners are…
Best job blogging about CES:
-Chris Leckness of Mobility Site
-Ed Kohler of Technology Evangelist

That’s right. With your help, I won a brand spankin’ new Treo Smartphone.

See, we really can make the world a better place if we all work together. It took a village to help me win this phone. Thanks for being a part of my village.

6 thoughts on “I Won A Treo!”

  1. The Cingular issue is something to think about. If I was planning on turning into a globe trotter, switching to Cingular would be an obvious choice. But is that going to happen?

  2. Well, I thought you were going to the Ukraine and Croatia in the coming months…that’s pretty solid trottin’, eh?

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