Win a Palm Treo Smartphone

Palm is giving away a couple Treos to the top contributors to the microblog they ran during last week’s Consumer Electronics Show. I was one of eight contributors with enough posts to be eligible to win a Treo, but I won’t be able to win one without help from you. Don’t look behind yourself. I’m talking to YOU.

Here’s the beauty of this: voting earns you a chance to win a Treo too.  

Just send an email like this:

To: microblog at palm dot com

Subject: Vote for Ed (Technology Evangelist)

Body: Your name and address.

If this isn’t clear, find more information on the Palm Microblog, or on Technology Evangelist.

I don’t know what the chances of winning are, but I imagine they’re pretty darn good. It’s certainly worth the time it takes to send a simple email.

2 thoughts on “Win a Palm Treo Smartphone”

  1. Or if you really want to piss Ed of for fun, do the same thing but instead of ‘Vote for Ed (Technology Evangelist) in the subject line, say ‘Vote for Ben’ instead. Or if you want to be REALLY cool, vote for both of us 🙂

  2. It’s worth nothing that Ben stole the photo for this post from me. Sure, it happens to be a photo of Ben, but I’m just sayin’ “let your conscience be your guide.”

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