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Here is What 10 Pounds Looks Like

Here is a shot of me chillin’ at Trotter’s waiting for a Tortilla Lucia back in early December. Man, I was pudgy and kinda sad:

Me at Trotters

Compare that to this shot of me taken last week in Las Vegas where I was ten pounds lighter.

Ed January 2007
It’s a good thing I dropped the weight because the battery belt around my waist isn’t exactly light. That’s a Diet Coke in my hand, rather than a free beer or glass of wine at the press event. January’s 30-Day challenge is paying off.

6 thoughts on “Here is What 10 Pounds Looks Like”

  1. I imagine rock climbing would be a bit easier with a lower BMI. I may have to join you on a future trip to Vertical Endeavors.

  2. Hmmm, 10 lbs and no alcohol. Next thing you know you’ll be going to church on Sunday mornings & Sunday Evenings…

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