The Deets #1 for The Deets

It’s official. The Deets has gone to #1 on Google for . . . The Deets.

The Deets on Google

It seems like only yesterday that The Deets was battling with a post on Jossip about the deets on Kathy Griffith’s divorce. Boy, how times have changed.

What’s next for The Deets? Perhaps hitting 25 subscribers to the RSS feed. Just add the site to your Google or My.Yahoo homepage, or subscribe to email updates using the options in the right column.

3 thoughts on “The Deets #1 for The Deets”

  1. What! Kathy Griffin is divorced! And here I am cruising the Deets and I missed that…dang.

    Seriously though, well, that is pretty serious, but anyway–you still got it, #1 for Deets is impressive. So, now that you’ve met that goal, what is the next milestone in your horizon?

  2. Well, the next milestone WAS going to be hitting 25 subscribers, but I woke up to find myself with 26, so I guess I can lay that to rest too. I’ll have to think up some new goals. That’s my goal for now.

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