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Longfellow Neighborhood Movie Stars

It’s amazing how many movie stars are from the Longfellow neighborhood.

First, you have Jesse Ventura, who grew up across the street from the Kohler household on 46th Ave S.

Then you have the Kohler household, which is ALMOST famous since it was filmed for the movie Fargo as the sheriff’s house, but didn’t make the final cut.

And now throw Aaron Landry into the mix for his cameo roll in An Inconvenient Truth.

Interestingly, all three examples come from Northern Longfellow, specifically Cooper. What’s the deal with LoFo?

One thought on “Longfellow Neighborhood Movie Stars”

  1. While you rub eloows with Hollywood stars, eat caviar, and dine at fancy restaurants like The Crasftsman, the working folk of LoFo labor to prop up your guilded economy. We’re the guys who wash dishes and bus tables at The Longfellow Grill, mow Jesse’s childhood home’s lawn, and clean Al Gore’s co-star’s house. We’re just getting by day by day in LoFo…

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