Hot Hot Superjackpot

Hot Hot Superjackpot, originally uploaded by edkohler.

Another profitable sesson on Hot Hot Superjackpot. This thing is AMAZING! I don’t know why casinos have a game in them that pays out so well and so often.

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  1. Machines with the Hot Hot Super Jackpot feature are rapidly becoming my favorite slots, regardless of theme. I never thought anything would replace the thrill I get from getting to spin the wheel on Wheel of Fortune, but seeing at least two BONUS symbols appear on the board and watching the remaining wheels respin with the possibility of the whirlwind “hands-off” bonus round looming…well, it gets to be too much.

    I’ve had generally good luck on HHSJ machines in Las Vegas, Mesquite (NV), and Detroit. What’s not to like about a nickel machine that, the first time you play it, starts going bonkers and shells out $80 to you before you even knew what happened to get you there?!?

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