Airborne is Da Bomb

Airborne is Da Bomb, originally uploaded by edkohler.

I took an Airborne last night and haven’t been sick since. This stuff is da bomb. I’m such a believer in the stuff, I got my picture in the Airborne booth.

5 thoughts on “Airborne is Da Bomb”

  1. I am a big fan of Airborn as well. I get sneezed and coughed on by a kid at least five times a day at work, so I go through those tablets easily once a week. So I use Walborn from Walgreens instead. Exact same product for half the price. Makes me wonder if being a reverse engineer would be fun or painstakingly dull.

  2. Wouldn’t it make more sense just to buy a multi-vitamin? It has to be cheaper and the nearly the same. Heck, it says on the container that it was developed by a Teacher. Is that supposed to make me think it has some medical merit? I’m confused.

  3. Kirk, don’t get so hung up on the science behind this stuff. You’ll kill the placebo effects, dude.

    Oh, and if you decide to try it in a bottle of water and have to break the wafer in half to make it fit, don’t do so with your teeth. Direct effervescence is not all that.

  4. The whole thing about it being developed by a teacher is pretty lame. I’m with Kirk on that. It would be like buying a $80 bottle of wine adverstised as “Made By An Astronaut Who Likes to Drink Wine!”

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