Pooh-Style Concept Catching On

I brought up the concept of pooh-style at a blogger party tonight at the Bellagio, where it spread like a virus. Irina Slutsky, a video blogger from the Bay Area at GeekEntertainment.tv was particularly intrigued by this concept and set a midnight pooh style policy where all the guys at the bloghaus would have to go pooh-style at the stroke of midnight.

I crap you negative: we left at 11:59.

Irina very well networked on the West Coast, so expect to be able to throw around the term “Pooh-style” without qualification on your next trip to SFO.

Here’s a link to some recent work by Irina that she’s particularly proud of.

For those behind on the pooh-style phenomenon, check this out.

4 thoughts on “Pooh-Style Concept Catching On”

  1. I haven’t had the guts or time to look at this yet. But I do fear the thought of anything Pooh related becoming a trend. It really is quite a horrible look.

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