Rice Krispie Bar Breakfast

Rice Krispie Bar Breakfast, originally uploaded by edkohler.

Breakfast of champions at Tillie’s Bean.

I suggested to one of the barristas that the green tea pairing balances this out. She responded, “Life is a balancing act.”

5 thoughts on “Rice Krispie Bar Breakfast”

  1. What…no oatmeal? I did actually know of a coffeehouse in Hopkins that served delicious oatmeal with fresh fruit…but sadly, it closed when the strip mall it was in did a renovation.

    *Pausing for a respectful moment of silence*

    Ahh, if I ruled the coffeehouse, eh? So, 6am today, off to the morning workout or do you just catch the early morning surf?

  2. We hit the good old Franklin-Lake bridges loop this morning. Pretty quiet out there today. The Minneapolis part of E River Road’s path was in sorry shape after a plow threw what was probably slush at the time onto the path. Lots of ice chunks, but we survived, thus earning the rice krispie bar.

  3. I’ve been curious about Tillie’s Bean ever since your first Dodgeball checkins from there, so I followed Maggie’s link to their site and it looks like a top-notch place. If only they weren’t even further away from my beaten path, I’d add them to my select coffeehouse rotation.

    Still, I’ll keep them in mind for special events and a change of pace. Speaking of special events, tell Maggie to keep her events webpage up to date, it is still showing December.

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