3 thoughts on “PedalPub Coming in March”

  1. That looks awesome, but I fear the lines will be wicked long just to get on. If I do get a seat, dibs on not being designated biker. And more importantly, does that jalopy serve jucy lucys?

  2. Okay, I’m tossing on my cynic hat. Yeah, this could be funny and cool when cruising the lakes and parkways on a sunny afternoon, right?

    Maybe not there either, but I definitely can imagine the havoc caused by this deal taking up an entire lane of traffic as increasingly drunk people pedal the streets of the Nordeast and Nicollet.

    Heck, I feel like a hazard on my regular bike sober…how long before the first vehicle / PedalPub battle over the right of way?

    I’m guessing the first ride (and every subsequent one). I mean, even the lakes, is it going to circle the lake on the road (pissing of vehicles), on the bike path (pissing off skaters and bikes), or the walking path (pissing off runners and walkers).

    I think it might actually have a better chance of success at less popular areas, like Stone Arch, or maybe over in St Paul, say at Phalen or Como? Maybe out on the commuter rails to trails paths? State parks/trails? Some resort island (like Mackinac Island) that does not allow vehicles?

    Just my inner cynic speaking…I’ll take my beer without trucks bearing down on me. 🙂

  3. I think it should be contracted for a Jucy Lucy tour. And Other Mike, don’t you think bikers deserve a lane of traffic? Of course they have the right of way. An HOV bike trumps all.

    Assuming the person in the middle controls the thing and just depends on the drunkards for some propulsion it could be safe, I think.

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