First Receipt of 2007

First Receipt of 2007, originally uploaded by edkohler.

Receipt #10001 at 7:04am on January 1, 2007 at Dunn Brother’s Longfellow.

Carly and I had to walk around the block twice waiting for it to open.

3 thoughts on “First Receipt of 2007”

  1. Whatha? Ohhhh, this is the 6am start deal, dang, you two are serious if you crank it right up on 1/1? So, I guess for the next month, when we get together for beers, it will be root beers, eh? Or are you still off soda…man, if you made this challenge cumulative, that would be quite the challenge.

  2. Did you stay up all night last night–or how else did you get up that early? I think I was still a little inebriated at 7 AM…

  3. We took it pretty easy last night. I managed to keep Carly up until midnight. But stayed up until around 1am reading Wicked. I think adjusting is kind of like time zone adjusting when traveling overseas. If you stay up through the first day you’ll get on a new schedule pretty fast.

    I’m back on soda, but I think I’ve had three or four since Christmas, which is around a 90% drop for me. I don’t really miss it.

    Mike, I’m not sure what my go-to drink on the town will be yet. So far it’s been tea or OJ (with pulp).

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